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माइंड पावर & पेरेंटिंग MP3 CD FREE

Self Hypnosis Preparation



Long Awaited Mind Power CD (माइंड पॉवर CD) in Audio Form. Totally FREE (Right Click to Download Any File)

001 Self-Confidence-1(Introduction).mp3

002 Self-Confidence-2(Success Diary).MP3

003 Self-Confidence-3(External Appearance).MP3

004 Self-Confidence-4(Speak-Up – Overcome shyness).MP3

005 Self-Confidence-5(Will Power).MP3

006 Self-Confidence-6(Boost yourself).MP3

006.1 Self-Hypnosis For Self Confidence.MP3

007 Study Issues – 1(Carrier After 10+2).MP3

008 Study Issues – 2(Handle Exam Tension).MP3

009 Study Issues – 3(Time Management).MP3

009.1 Self-Hypnosis- Study & Exams.MP3

010 MindPower Class – 1(Law of Attraction).MP3

011 MindPower Class – 2(Introduction).MP3

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012 MindPower Class – 3(For Kids & Parents).MP3

013 MindPower Class – 4(Positive Programing).MP3

014 MindPower Class – 5(Mind’s Effect on Body).MP3

015 MindPower Class – 6(The Power of Prayer).MP3

015.1 Self-Hypnosis- Inner Power of Prayer.MP3

016 MindPower Class – 7(Overcome Negative Thoughts).MP3

017 MindPower Class – 8(Power of Concentration).MP3

017.1 Self-Hypnosis- Concentration & Memory.MP3

018 MindPower Class – 9(Thankfull Visualization).MP3

019 MindPower Class – 10(Visualization for Public Speaking).MP3

020 Study Aid Music – Healing Water.mp3

021 Success Formula – 1(Accept Responsibility).MP3

021.1 Self-Hypnosis- Self Esteem & Success.MP3

022 Success Formula – 2(Goal Setting Intro).mp3

022.1 Self-Hypnosis- Supreme Aim.MP3

023 Success Formula – 2.1(Goal Setting Detailed).mp3

024 Success Formula – 3(Take Initiatives).MP3

025 Success Formula – 4(Time Management).MP3

026 Success Formula – 4.1(Facebook Addiction).mp3

027 Success Formula – 4.2(Effect of TV).mp3

028 Success Formula – 5(Creativity – keep improving).MP3

028.1 Self-Hypnosis- Creativity.MP3

029 Personality – 1(Communication Verbal).MP3

030 Personality – 2(Communication Non-verbal).MP3

030.1 Self-Hypnosis- Communication Skills.mp3

031 Personality – 3(Make Balance).MP3

032 Personality – 4(Know Yourself).MP3

033 Self-Branding-1(Self & Work Image).MP3

034 Self-Branding-2(Behaviour).MP3

034.1 Self-Hypnosis- Student Behaviour.MP3

035 Self-Branding-3(Inner Being).MP3

036 Teenage Issues-1(Dealing with Changes).MP3

037 The Power of Meditation – 1(Introduction).mp3

038 The Power of Meditation – 2(Being with yourself).mp3

039 The Power of Meditation – 3(Getting up Early).mp3

039.1 Self-Hypnosys- Physical & Mental Health.MP3

040 Amrit Vela Song (Brahm Muhurt).mp3

041 Behaviour – 1 (Respect for Parents-1).MP3

042 Behaviour – 2 (Respect for Parents-2).MP3

043 Behaviour – 3 (Praise Others).mp3

044 Behaviour – 4(Thankfulness).mp3

045 Behaviour – 5 (Accept Responsibility).mp3

046 Behaviour – 6 (Life Struggle).mp3

047 Behaviour – 7 (Mistakes).mp3

047.1 Self-Hypnosis- Forgiveness.mp3

048 Behaviour – 8 (Naari Shakti-Respect for Ladies).MP3

049 Behaviour – 9 (Smile).mp3

050 Self-Hypnosys- Weight Loss.MP3

051 Self-Hypnosys- For Diseases.MP3

052 Self-Hypnosys- Humility(Namrta).MP3

053 Self-Hypnosis – Alpha+Self Esteem(Eng).mp3

054 Study Aid Music – Piano.mp3

055 Study Aid Music – Soft.mp3

056 Study Aid – Gayatri Mantra(108 Chants).mp3

057 Study Aid – Saraswati Mantra(54 Chants).mp3

059 Witness Meditation – 1

060 Witness Meditation – 2

061 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 1 (introduction)

062 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 2(Dictator-ship)

063 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 3(Jhoothe Vayde)

064 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 4(Compare Karna)

065 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 5 (Dhamki ya maarpit)

066 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 6(Kab Haan kahen kab Na)

067 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 7(What to Do with Kids)

068 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 8(What Not to Do)

069 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 9(Girl Child)

070 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 10(Ziddi Swabhaav)

071 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 11(Right Control)

072 For Parents of Pre-Teens- 12(Improve Creativity)

073 For Parents of Teens- 1(Understanding of teenage)

074 For Parents of Teens- 2(Adultry Behavior)

075 For Parents of Teens- 3(Extreme Anger)

076 For Parents of Teens- 4(Arguement with Kid)

077 For Parents of Teens- 5(Abnormal Behavior)

078 For Parents of Teens- 6(Depression)



  1. Dear Dr. Sanjiv Malik,

    My Name is Kishore and at present I am working in Dubai since last six years and I am 41 years old. Laziness and Negligence is my big enemy not only that I am not a confident man. I am shy in nature. I am always nerves to face my boss, my client, my colleague. if someone ask something my mind will become blank and I cannot think and talk simultaneously. So I always try to keep myself silent. I have a inferiority complex that I don’t know English to speak and write. I am late married and I am a father of 4months old baby. So I have to be worked until 60years or I have to increase my earnings, so I can save some money for my child. Please advise how I can overcome from above negativity. Do you believe in hypnotherapy? Please advise and help.

    With Regards.


  2. sir this is a great that this website is offering free download from mindpowerguruindia.com/mindpowercd.

    appreciate your good social reponsibility.

    i m suffering from dipression from lat three years. which audio u think is good for me

  3. Very nice subject

  4. thanks
    good work done i m too ocd patient ur video are very nice

  5. Sir,
    Great ,realy great job done. I realy appreciate the knowledge you have and most important thibg you have displayed it free. There is nothing free in this world but you done great job. I am seriously imptoving myself. Sir, if i want to ask any question so can i write here? I also want to help people but before that i need to be success.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Great job sanjiv g, mindblowing
    I appreciate your social responsibility
    That’s d things that inspired us

  7. Narendra kumar Jangir

    Dear Sir,

    I am thankful for giving lots of valuable motivational things and your great support for our society.
    the work done by you in our society is really very good. i always really motivate by your guidance.
    once again thanks for your support.


    Narendra Jangir

  8. U r good social working . I m vary happy. My great sir thanks

  9. This is vert important for every indian

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