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Miracles with Distance Healing

Mission Genius Mind Presents Remote Healing Solutions.

बहुत से लोग घर बैठे ही ठीक होना चाहते हैं. हमें फ़ोन करके Advice मांगते हैं. हमारी Advice हमेशा फ्री है, आपकी सेवा के लिए सदा तत्पर हैं. पर जहाँ तक distance Healing का सवाल है, हमारे पार्टनर्स इसमें expert हैं. आप निचे दिए गए numbers पर बात करके अपनी problem discuss कर सकते हैं. अगर केवल एडवाइस से काम होता होगा तो वो फ्री सेवा है पर अगर हीलिंग चाहिए तो इनकी जो भी पेमेंट हो आप करके हीलिंग करवा सकते हैं.

Ms. Anuradha is a Reiki Master and Remote Healing Expert since last 11 years with amazing magical results. Here are list of some problems which can be cure by the energy healing process.

* Headache & Backache (No matter how old it is)
* Diabetes, Asthama & Heart attack
* Nose Complaints
* Cramps & Leg Problem
* Epileptic Fits & Weight Problem
* Cancer & Fever
* Kidney & Liver problem
* Anemia & Anesthesia
* Depression, Fear fatigue
* Teeth Problem
* Rheumatism & Anesthesia
* bladder problem & Acne
* Detoxification
* Bleeding & blood Pressure
*Arthritis,Pain & and Fractures
*Cold,Cough, Insomnia & Allergies
*Eye complaints & Child Birth
*Addiction & Burns
*Digestive Complaints
*Relationship problem/Husband/wife/Lovers/Family
*House/Office Energy purification & vastu for business growth n happy environment.

You may Contact for us for Emergency healing also like Accident, Child Birth, Before & after surgery, Chronic disease or illness.

This is combo offer for everyone who want to consult with us.
1) Best suited carrier/Business for yourself
2) Checking the Vastu/Enregy of your house/office.
3) Examine the whole body as which part of your body getting weaker or less healthy day by day.

Mission Genius Mind
18 First Floor,
NWA Club Road,
West Punjabi Bagh, 
New Delhi – 110026
Mob: 9599375269,  9599375436


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